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The Preacher’s Guide: A CALL TO DECENCY AND ORDER (Part 2)

I once knew a very charismatic preacher during my early years in ministry. He had unique preaching skill and exciting style of communication but lacked comportment. Though he gained quick fame in ministry because of his gift and preaching skill but he also quickly gained notoriety for his avaricious behaviour, habitual impropriety and disruptive tendencies in many local and international churches especially churches where he had featured as guest minister. As a result, within a few years he became a toxic name and “undesirable clergyman”.

The call of God into ministry is a high calling and must be handled with utmost reverence and dignity.
In his 1st letter to Timothy Paul the Apostle carefully highlighted some essential qualifications a church leader must have and I believe these qualifications apply to all ministers of Christ. Of particular interest is 1 Timothy 3:2-3 where Apostle Paul says:
“A church leader (a minister) must be blameless; he must….. be sober, self-controlled, and orderly; …. not greedy for money, ….. not covetous”.

A preacher’s gift may open doors for him in ministry but self indulgence can also shut the doors.

Ministry without decency and order is not only embarrassing but can also be counterproductive.
Indeed, there’s dignity and great gain in comportment!
May God help us by his grace to finish well!

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Author: Bishop Emma Omon


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Bishop Emma Omon is a Revivalist, Civil Engineer, Author, Publisher, Inspirational Coach, The Presiding Bishop of The Radiant Church International and President of Emma Omon Global Outreach Inc.

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